: Great UI/UX in the hands of your clients




Understanding what you need

We meet and greet, then we talk business. You tell us everything about your company. We tell you what we can do for you.

We put the pen on paper and write your needs. We establish the deliverables and the deadlines.

Then we shake our hands and remain in touch through email and phone.


Hmm… this looks nice!


In this stage of the project, we draw grids and shapes and then we color them.

Now we have a layout that we’re proud of.

We’re ready to show it to you. But first…


and Paper Prototyping

A sketch befone design


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o schita inainte de toate

We test the design on every mobile device just to make sure your company will look great both on Android and iOS, tablet and smartphone, Beavis and Buthead.

Now that we’re ready, we’re meeting again and we’re presenting you our vision for your company.

Looks great, isn’t it?